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Optimal sample quality.
Immediate transport. Smart workflow.


Even better together:

S-Monovette® & Tempus600®

Safe. Fast. Sustainable.

S-Monovette® Serum

Gain with the

  • Save time, personnel and material costs with a minimised haemolysis rate
  • Utilise the advantages of a dual system for all vein conditions
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions, waste volume and disposal costs considerably


Tempus600® Vita

Gain with Tempus600®

  • Shorten the total turnaround time (ToTAT) for clinical samples
  • Save valuable time for your staff with the simple, immediate sample transport and relieve existing transportation systems
  • Take the next step towards laboratory automation


Critical areas such as accident and emergency departments in particular require reliable solutions

  • Safe, thanks to high, reliable sample quality
  • Fast, thanks to immediate, predictable sample transport
  • Sustainable, thanks to a modern pre-analytical workflow
Emergency Reception

S-Monovette® & Tempus600®

Safe. Fast. Sustainable.

The S-Monovette®

Optimises sample quality through the aspiration technique. Lower your haemolysis rate!

  • One system, two techniques: The S-Monovette® combines the aspiration and vacuum technique in a single system.
  • Reduce your haemolysis rate with the gentle aspiration technique
  • The S-Monovette® is ideal for all vein conditions
  • Save valuable resources and CO2

Haemolysis reduction

Reduce your haemolysis rate

Strongly haemolytic samples prevent reliable laboratory results making it necessary to collect another sample.

With the aspiration technique, the haemolysis rate can be reduced considerably and the sample quality optimised. A reliable sample quality is crucial, especially for patients in critical areas such as intensive care wards or accident and emergency departments.

S-Monovette® Blood Collection

Aspiration technique – a solution for all vein conditions

With the aspiration technique, the S-Monovette® is the optimal solution for every patient – young or old, healthy or seriously ill – for all vein conditions.

In addition to the aspiration technique, the dual system of the S-Monovette® allows the conventional vacuum technique to be used for blood collection.

Save resources

Save valuable resources and CO2*

Disposal costs and waste volumes are reduced thanks to the space-saving design of the S-Monovette® needles and the sustainable packaging.

The production of an S-Monovette® requires 32% less material compared to vacuum systems,, if you take 200 blood samples a day each year, you’ll save as much CO2 as 116 trees.

*Further information on request.

The S-Monovette® is ready to use

In addition to the optimally -designed, ecological packaging concept to reduce waste, the S-Monovette® blood collection system also features ready-to-use needles for blood collection

All needles can be used straight from the packaging and allow you to work quickly and safely - there is no assembly required as the needles are available exclusively with integrated holders.

More information about S-Monovette® on


Brings the sample tubes easily, directly and safely to the laboratory. Reduce your total turnaround time (ToTAT)!

  • Direct transport of the sample from the ward to the laboratory
  • One touch and off you go
  • Save time thanks to much shorter total turnaround times
  • Take the next step towards laboratory automation

Tempus600® Laboratory Automation

Straight from the ward to the laboratory.

Tempus600®  allows you to accelerate sample transport, thus reducing the total turnaround time (ToTAT) for clinical samples and optimise the entire pre-analytical workflow. This enables faster decisions to be made and can lead to better treatment for patients. Tempus600® brings the laboratory closer to the ward.

Tempus600® Sample Transport

One touch and off you go

Tempus600® is intuitive and highly efficient to use. A capacity of up to 1,250 samples/hour provides significant relief for existing transportation systems.

The system can be installed within two weeks, with no structural changes needed.

Save time with much shorter turnaround times

From requesting a test to obtaining analysis results – save time with shorter total turnaround times (ToTAT)

Tempus600® Case stories

Direct and easy with Tempus600®

The Tempus600®  Vita sending station makes it easy to send small clinical samples straight to the laboratory via a tube system. The sample tubes can be sent immediately after collection without requiring additional packaging.

Once the sample tube is loaded into the Tempus600®, the next sample tube can be sent. The smart and minimalistic design ensures that the sending station fits in almost all locations and takes up very little space.


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